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About Us

The dream of a colorful Brazil brought us here as curious tourists and we fell in love with it. A love that after a couple of visits became an addiction. After working as volunteers in Rio and traveling around the country we finally found our heart: Búzios. This was the place! The final decision was made when we found our oasis in Búzios, an amazing house just a few steps from the ocean, 400 meters from all the restaurants and life at Rua das Pedras and Orla Bardot, but still in a very calm area. So we left Sweden and we dared to try.

After spending six months creating Villa Balthazar we are now living our dream. Felix’s many years in the hotel & restaurant business and Petra’s love for people, hosting and interior design are all fundamental pieces in our adventure. Our shared ambition took us to Búzios and HERE we are!

We – Felix, Petra and our daughter Chloe  and son Leon – are inviting you to become a part of our dream. We welcome you to come and live in our home. Imagine that you are borrowing a house from a dear friend, but the owner is not present. You feel like at home, but you do not have to socialize. That’s the feeling we wish to pass on to our guests. Freedom, peace and harmony combined in a familiar way.

Thanks to the fact that Villa Balthazar is our home and our everyday life, we will be around and could probably be found digging in the garden, reading a book, playing with our kids, having dinner with friends, cooking in the kitchen or any other mundane chore. Our presence means that you always have someone to ask for Búzios’ best restaurants, scenic walks or a good coffee. Welcome to spend time at Villa Balthazar, enjoy the freedom and everything that Búzios has to offer.